You may follow the tutorial video to set up your Aston account, next on is authorizes your Shopee account and lastly sync our products to your Shopee platform!

Please do fulfil our requirement for joining classes which is need to successfully sync 50 products on your Shopee shop, and let us know when you have done that ya!

Aston will only charge for the cost of the product sold, no other charges will be incurred. Aston does not have hidden fee, member fee and also does not charge packing fee.

Please do seek help from our assistance, they will be helping you to check on the caused on the back end, and guide you through the problem.

It is mostly because you have chosen an incorrect category for the product synced, you may try to change the category of the product, do seek help from our assistance if you still facing the same problem after changes made ya.

Do not panic, all you need to do is login in to your Aston account, choose dashboard, look for deposit section on the left side of the page, follow the amount given and bank info to reload your deposit. Do remember to let us know when u have done reload, we will approve your payment as soon as we received your message.

Do look for the email sent by Shopee about the banning problem and let our assistance know what supporting documents requested from Shopee. Once fulfil the requirements from Shopee your account will be released from the banning list.  

All orders will be packed and sent to delivery within 2 days’ time, but public holidays and weekends are excluded.

Please do ask customers for a video or picture to proof for the product condition and send to our assistance, we will assist based on condition is to change a new one or return & refund.